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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Idol - Season 9 - Top 3 Performances

Greetings Idolonians!

The loss of Big Mike last week left us with 3 Idol hopefuls for tonights show.... the singer songwriter, the soulful singer and the girl with guitar... in other words, Lee, Crystal and Casey... Oh I got the order right!

This week is the fight for the final.  It's no Thrilla in Manilla.... more like the Hot Mess by Seacrest.  But still, it's fine television programming. I'd like to call this weeks show "Operation: Get Casey the Hell Off The Frickin' Stage" but I think it might be a little too long.

The theme this week is Idol Choice/Judges Choice.  We'll see how well each kid and, I use this term loosely, expert behind the desk know our Idols and America's taste in winners.  It it's anything like Randy's taste in cardigans or Simon's choice in haircuts, we're pretty much screwed.

On with the show!

Casey James 
Round 1:  The Texas golden boy is letting his hair grow to match his ego.  Too bad both are completely unnecessary. The folk pop song, "Ok, It's Alright With Me" from Eric Hutchinson was certainly wasn't alright with anyone.  The performance lacked any pop and only seemed to make his goat boy tendencies more obvious than any talent he could ever have.

Round 2:  Rapunzel boy is back in the second round to perform the judge's choice, "Daughters" by John Mayer. He starts the performance like he always....does....with.... his... guita... Zzzzzzzz. HUH?!? Oh I'm sorry, I must have dozed off during that performance.  I think I was awakened by the screams of Idolonian reader Roger, poking his eyes out... the song seems to make him want to do that.  I think most of American can hear why.

Crystal Bowersox
Round 1:  "Momma Sox" takes on the "Momma Rocks" Melissa Etheridge hit "Come To My Window."  The harmonica intro and ending were a little awkward and made the rest of the performance feel a bit clunky.  It might have been good enough for the bars back in Ohio, but not on the Idol Stage.

Round 2
Judge Ellen selects this weeks song for the songbird and chooses the Paul McCartney rock ballad "Baby I'm Amazed."  I have to say I was a little amazed they picked this song.  But when the dreadbabe opened her chops I know why. She was vocally spot on, but just seemed to lack any connection to the song.  But I guess I would be a bit disconnected if I had to sing a song about loving a woman... OH wait!  Now I know why Ellen picked this song!!

Lee DeWyze
Round 1:  The quiet rocker channels the southern rock gods Lynyrd Skynyrd and their song "Simple Man."  He Dewyze-afies it and makes it a great performance.  Crystal better watch her giant daisy tatted back.

Round 2:  When I heard Simon chose the Leonard Cohen great "Hallelujah," I was sure the Brit Twit was setting the rocker up for Idol suicide.  And then he started the song, adding his own tiny vocal twists and grits.  It was playing out in what looked to be the number 10 song on his first CD and then it happened.  I don't know if Big Mike was backstage, but someone let the gospel choir out of their box and they descended the stage like a flock of performance albatrosses. In a split second and a key change, it went from Idol classic to hyped Vegas act!   I was waiting for strippers with halos and wings to come wiggling across the stage.

So there you have the final 3.  So which Idol darling is your choice to go home and who's top choice for the Idol crown?  Tune in tomorrow night to find out!

Love & Backup Choirs,

Photo:  Fox


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