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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol - Season 9 - Top 6 Performances

Greetings Idolonians!!

We're back and fully recovered from losing Tim (took me about 17 seconds) and raising over $45MM last week for Idol Gives Back.  Let's all hope that coinage doesn't make it's way to Goldman Sachs for their legal fees.

Tonights' theme and mentor is the 90's country sex kitten, Shania Twain.  She's on the Botox side of 40 these days, probably still had the 5 note vocal range and a 3 chord guitar range, but the gracious mentor, none-the-less. 

On with the show!

Lee DeWyze - "Still the One"
The resident acoustic rocker, sounds like Lifehouse circa 2000. And what's with the singing out of the side of his mouth?  Who does he think he is, Joe Cocker?  It was decent and what we've come to expect from the guy.

Mike Lynche - "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing"
Doing his best Luther Vandross impression on the Shania hit.  His falsetto was a little shakey in the middle, and pretty much cheesey the whole way through.  

Casey James - "Don't"
The rocker Goldilocks wants to give the audience something different... how about not singing one week, that will be a great change.  How about you get rid of the Goat Boy vibrato... that would be great.  Well, he didn't take either of my suggestions and managed to pull of a sound we haven't heard from him in a while. 

Crystal Bowersox - "Noone Needs To Know"
This is a hint to the Soxer's boyfriend... man up son.  In other words, make sure your wagon is hitched to this girl good and tight cause she's going to the top.  She kindly kept it country and kept the twang in the week. Shania never heard her song sound so good.  

Aaron Kelly - "You Got A Way"
Oh surprise, the Lilliputian does another country pop ballad.  Oh surprise, he sucked. The judges liked it for some reason.  Maybe he tossed a little pixie dust on the audience and deafened them before he went on.  

Side comment:  How many times can Randy say "Wheelhouse" this week.  It's like each week he picks a word of his Webster Dictionary's Word of the Day Calendar.

Siobhan Magnus - "Any Man of Mine"
The crazy shrieker girl is back this week on the Shania anthem. It was pretty much glorified karaoke for about 80% of it and it was OK, but she broke out the big power note(ahem, shriek) at the end in hopes of rattling the bad parts of the performance right out of our heads. I think it worked because I'm still hearing it echo in my head.

So which Idolette won your love tonight and which little singing pest is outta here?  Tune in tomorrow night to find out!

Love & Come On Over,

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