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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Idol - Season 9 - Top 3 Performances

Greetings Idolonians!

The loss of Big Mike last week left us with 3 Idol hopefuls for tonights show.... the singer songwriter, the soulful singer and the girl with guitar... in other words, Lee, Crystal and Casey... Oh I got the order right!

This week is the fight for the final.  It's no Thrilla in Manilla.... more like the Hot Mess by Seacrest.  But still, it's fine television programming. I'd like to call this weeks show "Operation: Get Casey the Hell Off The Frickin' Stage" but I think it might be a little too long.

The theme this week is Idol Choice/Judges Choice.  We'll see how well each kid and, I use this term loosely, expert behind the desk know our Idols and America's taste in winners.  It it's anything like Randy's taste in cardigans or Simon's choice in haircuts, we're pretty much screwed.

On with the show!

Casey James 
Round 1:  The Texas golden boy is letting his hair grow to match his ego.  Too bad both are completely unnecessary. The folk pop song, "Ok, It's Alright With Me" from Eric Hutchinson was certainly wasn't alright with anyone.  The performance lacked any pop and only seemed to make his goat boy tendencies more obvious than any talent he could ever have.

Round 2:  Rapunzel boy is back in the second round to perform the judge's choice, "Daughters" by John Mayer. He starts the performance like he always....does....with.... his... guita... Zzzzzzzz. HUH?!? Oh I'm sorry, I must have dozed off during that performance.  I think I was awakened by the screams of Idolonian reader Roger, poking his eyes out... the song seems to make him want to do that.  I think most of American can hear why.

Crystal Bowersox
Round 1:  "Momma Sox" takes on the "Momma Rocks" Melissa Etheridge hit "Come To My Window."  The harmonica intro and ending were a little awkward and made the rest of the performance feel a bit clunky.  It might have been good enough for the bars back in Ohio, but not on the Idol Stage.

Round 2
Judge Ellen selects this weeks song for the songbird and chooses the Paul McCartney rock ballad "Baby I'm Amazed."  I have to say I was a little amazed they picked this song.  But when the dreadbabe opened her chops I know why. She was vocally spot on, but just seemed to lack any connection to the song.  But I guess I would be a bit disconnected if I had to sing a song about loving a woman... OH wait!  Now I know why Ellen picked this song!!

Lee DeWyze
Round 1:  The quiet rocker channels the southern rock gods Lynyrd Skynyrd and their song "Simple Man."  He Dewyze-afies it and makes it a great performance.  Crystal better watch her giant daisy tatted back.

Round 2:  When I heard Simon chose the Leonard Cohen great "Hallelujah," I was sure the Brit Twit was setting the rocker up for Idol suicide.  And then he started the song, adding his own tiny vocal twists and grits.  It was playing out in what looked to be the number 10 song on his first CD and then it happened.  I don't know if Big Mike was backstage, but someone let the gospel choir out of their box and they descended the stage like a flock of performance albatrosses. In a split second and a key change, it went from Idol classic to hyped Vegas act!   I was waiting for strippers with halos and wings to come wiggling across the stage.

So there you have the final 3.  So which Idol darling is your choice to go home and who's top choice for the Idol crown?  Tune in tomorrow night to find out!

Love & Backup Choirs,

Photo:  Fox

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American Idol - Season 9 - Top 4 Performances

Greetings Idolonians!

I don't know about you, but I'm still elated from finally losing the prepubescent Bilbo Baggins looking kid, Aaron last week,  I'm so excited, I think I might take in a movie this weekend.  Luckily, to get me in the spirit, tonights' theme are songs from movies.  Yeah, the Billboard #1s theme isn't broad enough, let's incorporate not only hits but every bad song every written for any cinematic disaster.

No stranger to cinematic disaster, (Ahem "Booty Call") Jamie Foxx is back again this season, to mentor the kids.  Ok Ok, granted Jamie has been in a few good movies, i.e. "Dreamgirls," "The Soloist" and "Ray" but even his Oscar cringes at the thought of his early career.

Good thing, he switched to music,  now he can just blame it on the al-al-alcohol.

On with the show!!!!

Lee Dewyze - "Kiss From A Rose"
The theme from the movie "Batman Forever" could go one of 2 ways... he could own it and make it like a new song he just wrote or make it like the bad cover it has the potential to be.  Great Karaoke, Batman! he just murdered that song!

Michael Lynche - "Will You Be There"
The big guy descends the stairs like the cheestastic artist he longs to be. He loves the big inspirational ballads, but they don't seem to love him back.  The song may be from "Free Willy" but I think we need to Free Mikey from the Idol stage. 

Crystal & Lee Duet:  "Falling Slowly"
This little known song from the movie "Once" is a gentle ballad of inspiration and the two acoustic guitar rockers take to a bigger place. The harmonies are spot on.  I think we just got a preview to the Idol finale in a couple weeks.

Casey James - "Mrs. Robinson"
Goldilocks takes on the Simon & Garfunkle tune from "The Graduate" and forsakes the electric guitar for a..... Ukulele?      He sounds like Eddie Vedder if Eddie was dorky enough to sing a Simon & Garfunkle song.  It's just dang eerie.  Oh and what's with the fur patch under his lip?  It looks like one of Ryans' hair extensions got stuck to his face.

Crystal Bowersox - "I'm Alright"
The sox rocks it on the Kenny Loggins hit from "Caddyshack."  I was waiting for groundhog to pop up next to her and start dancing.  Oh wait, Ryan was off stage during her performance.

Mike & Casey Duet - "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman"
The Bear and the cocker spaniel come together on the hit from "Don Juan DeMarco" and try to out-sexify each other.  I think it worked, because even Simon seemed enamored.

So that's your Top 4 Idol Fans!  So which Idol is making it further down the red carpet and which little starlet isn't making it past the popcorn line?  Tune in tomorrow night to find out!!

Love & Soundtracks,

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

American Idol - Season 9 - Top 6 Performances

Greetings Idolonians!

Does anyone hear that?  Yeah, that... that silence.  Ok so you don't hear Siobhan shrieking either?  Whew, for a minute there I just thought I lost my hearing, but it's just the sweet shriekless sounds of nothingness....

However, it's just quiet enough now to hear the late, great legendary crooner, Frank Sinatra, moan and roll-over in his grave.  Yep, it's Sinatra night on Idol!  I'm not sure who thought it would be a good idea to release the Idolettes on the greatest American singer ever, but it's sure to make for at least a couple of Idol crash and burns.

If watching the Sinatra songbook sell out wasn't enough, the modern day chairman wannabe, Harry Connick Jr is acting as the kids mentor this week.  It's like the world of Jazz Standards have sold their souls to the musical devil! 

On with the show!

Aaron -  "Fly Me To The Moon"
The pubescently challenged hobbit attempts to wow us on the Chairman classic. Ok so I don't fly coach and I'm sure as heck not flying anywhere with his kid. If I wanted a Justin Beiber clone, I would... well I would cut my wrists the right way because there would obviously be something wrong with me.

Casey - "Blue Skies"
Not sure what he was going for tonight but he looked like lilac shirted gigolo.  He tries his hand at an early Sinatra hit.  Instead of channeling the crooner, he sounded like he was channeling a goat getting milked by a Hoover.  Goat boy should be nervous. 

Crystal - "Summerwind"
The lone female Idolette left in the competition saunters across the stage like a tatted-up chanteuse.  Too bad her performance wasn't quite as impressive.  The floor length ball gown must have cutting of her air supply.

Mike - "The Way You Look Tonight"
The muscle man flexes his vocals on one of Frances Alberts best known ditties.  It was good, but good in a lounge act at the Tropicana next to the $5.99 buffet way.

Lee - "That's Life"
So if you don't know this anthem from Ol' Blue Eyes, I suggest you get ye to a music site and download it immediately, Once you do, you will realize that the Idol rocker basically sucked the life right out of the song.  The song, while vocally adequate lacked the necessary attitude to pull it off well. 

So which swinging Idol is heading for Scramsville, and who's sticking around this shindig for another week. Tune into tomorrow to find out.  Until then, let's get the Chairman a stiff drink and let him recover from the scene was tonight.

Love & Ring-A-Ding-Ding,

Image courtesy of Fox

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol - Season 9 - Top 6 Performances

Greetings Idolonians!!

We're back and fully recovered from losing Tim (took me about 17 seconds) and raising over $45MM last week for Idol Gives Back.  Let's all hope that coinage doesn't make it's way to Goldman Sachs for their legal fees.

Tonights' theme and mentor is the 90's country sex kitten, Shania Twain.  She's on the Botox side of 40 these days, probably still had the 5 note vocal range and a 3 chord guitar range, but the gracious mentor, none-the-less. 

On with the show!

Lee DeWyze - "Still the One"
The resident acoustic rocker, sounds like Lifehouse circa 2000. And what's with the singing out of the side of his mouth?  Who does he think he is, Joe Cocker?  It was decent and what we've come to expect from the guy.

Mike Lynche - "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing"
Doing his best Luther Vandross impression on the Shania hit.  His falsetto was a little shakey in the middle, and pretty much cheesey the whole way through.  

Casey James - "Don't"
The rocker Goldilocks wants to give the audience something different... how about not singing one week, that will be a great change.  How about you get rid of the Goat Boy vibrato... that would be great.  Well, he didn't take either of my suggestions and managed to pull of a sound we haven't heard from him in a while. 

Crystal Bowersox - "Noone Needs To Know"
This is a hint to the Soxer's boyfriend... man up son.  In other words, make sure your wagon is hitched to this girl good and tight cause she's going to the top.  She kindly kept it country and kept the twang in the week. Shania never heard her song sound so good.  

Aaron Kelly - "You Got A Way"
Oh surprise, the Lilliputian does another country pop ballad.  Oh surprise, he sucked. The judges liked it for some reason.  Maybe he tossed a little pixie dust on the audience and deafened them before he went on.  

Side comment:  How many times can Randy say "Wheelhouse" this week.  It's like each week he picks a word of his Webster Dictionary's Word of the Day Calendar.

Siobhan Magnus - "Any Man of Mine"
The crazy shrieker girl is back this week on the Shania anthem. It was pretty much glorified karaoke for about 80% of it and it was OK, but she broke out the big power note(ahem, shriek) at the end in hopes of rattling the bad parts of the performance right out of our heads. I think it worked because I'm still hearing it echo in my head.

So which Idolette won your love tonight and which little singing pest is outta here?  Tune in tomorrow night to find out!

Love & Come On Over,